At Synergy Moto-Tec it is not only about the paint and body work that needs to be hand-crafted to perfection. Our experience and intimate knowledge is placed into the workings of the engine of classic cars, which enables us to know what is required to ensure the car drives and performs as it should, and perhaps even better than when it was new due to more modern, more precise technology than was available in the 50-60's.


Similarly, we apply the same knowledge and experience in connection with the clutch, gear, differential, steering, as well as the front and rear axles.


The drive-train and suspension also plays a critical role within the mechanical part and is also not left untouched. Air filters, nuts and bolts, screws, and other unpainted as well as painted parts are either refurbished or replaced by its original part, whether it is zinc, nickel, chrome or even chromate. We perform an aesthetic renewal process to the exterior of the parts (galvanization, painting, and so on).


All parts in the engine compartment and all parts corresponding to the engine are carefully and completely disassembled, reconditioned or replaced and carefully re-assembled, to ensure a successful restoration. It is up to the owner to decide to what extent he/ she would like to restore his/ her classic car's engine. We can, however, give advice about the best recommendations.


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The transmission is a mechanical machine placed in oldtimer vehicles and plays an important role where the adaptation of different rotational speeds and torques are controlled. The mechanical machine controls the application of the power, and may from time-to-time need some attention depending on the problem. The transmission may require basic transmission services, to more extensive replacements and repairs.


Many oldtimers and classic cars are available with both manual and automatic transmission. As a general guide, a manual transmission is mostly present in vehicles with less powerful engines, or cars which were intended for use as a 'sport' model. Other models which were considered more luxurious, perhaps with more powerful engines, were requested with an automatic transmission. These luxurious models were in most cases ordered with full extras, such as air-conditioning systems and electric windows. Of'course, there were exceptions to these rules.


The transmission, whether manual or automatic, may need to be inspected in the following cases but of which is not an exhaustive list:

  •     When regular fluid replacements are needed, as well as basic service
  •     The engine revs slightly before the transmission engages
  •     When there is a slip or jerk when shifting gears


In any case, the overall performance of the transmission is checked and inspected during regular service and maintenance in our workshop.


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Every single component is disassembled from each independent front and rear axle, including coil springs, single joint swing axles, etc., depending on the type of axle. Every single part undergoes the regime of Synergy's Cleansing Technology (SCT) to ensure each individual part is restored in its proper way, back to new.


Not only does the restoration of each individual part play an important role but also the functionality, stability, and safety of the axles. Each component is reassembled with precision, and utmost care to ensure each unit is properly fitted according to manufacturer's specifications.


Individual parts which are thoroughly inspected also include namely wheel bearings and seals, nuts and bolts, CV and universal joints, to name a few.


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Another aspect which plays an important role in the engine compartment, as well as the smooth running of the engine is the Fuel Injection System. The Fuel Injection System is also partly responsible for the performance levels of the engine and is thoroughly checked and inspected. Inconsistencies are fixed and/or repaired, whilst the necessary parts are changed.


To name a few elements which are checked, inspected, repaired and/or changed, but are not limited to:


  • Cold Start Injectors: are used to provide the engine with extra fuel when starting cold. These are checked for leaks, which may cause difficulties in engine starting when hot.
  • Fuel Injectors: fuel injectors deliver fuel into the air stream as it enters the combustion chamber. The injectors atomize the fuel under pressure. Injectors are checked and inspected in the case of a car running under expected performance levels.
  • The Fuel Pump: checked and inspected to ensure a certain volume of fuel is sent at a certain constant pressure. Necessary adjustments are also made to ensure better performance.
  • Fuel Injection Plenum: checking and inspecting for vacuum leaks which are avoided by using new gaskets and seals.


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6-Cylinder Engine

M.B. W186 300C Limousine

6-Cylinder Engine

Restored: M.B. W111 220SEB Cabriolet

V8 Cylinder Engine


M.B. W111 3.5  Coupé/ Cabriolet

4-Cylinder Diesel Engine

M.B. W136 170Da





Brake System