Synergy Moto-Tec also offers plating and/or galvanization services for those looking for quality galvanizations of their classic car spare parts.


Synergy Moto-Tec does the galvanization in-house ensuring every original spare part and every original screw is followed through with a careful, quality-enriched process. The procedure hereby also ensures that screws or irreplaceable spare parts never get lost or go missing.


As it was done in the factory, the spare part is galvanized back to its original form and colour, be it black, olive, yellow or blue (clear) passivate.


Chrome plating is also a part of the restoration process. All chrome parts which are restored receive the required amount of layers of copper plating as well as the necessary grinding techniques unique to each element of particular size and shape to ensure a good quality chrome-plating mirror-like smooth finish.

Because the chrome plays an important role, it is the crown of the overall look and feel of the vehicle and the utmost best results are a must.


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