At Synergy Moto-Tec the bodywork is taken seriously, as a serious profession, especially in an industry that requires special engineering knowledge. The body work at Synergy Moto-Tec implicates special techniques and special attention to detail. The vast amount of experience, skills and workmanship ensure the proper expertise is executed during the entire reparation and restoration process.


When restoring a classic car the body work and panel beating is not an everyday task. The restoration process begins with a completely bare chassis and body panels, from the ground up. We ensure that every panel fits perfectly with the chassis of the vehicle as well as its body elements.

The chassis and body must be in complete alignment, without any stress placed on any part, thereby incorporating proper parallel gap linings between elements. This procedure ensures a brand new body as if it had just come out of the factory.


We implement special spot welding techniques equivalent to the techniques utilized in the original manufacturing process. These special techniques are important in order to keep and increase the value of the car. In this way quality is also maintained.


Every bit of rust is removed from corroded as well as damaged parts which are then refurbished, polished, and/or replaced.


In the case where original body panels cannot be acquired, the body panels are re-manufactured in order to maintain the highest quality standards.


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In order to achieve professional results the chassis and body of the vehicle must be properly aligned from all angles. In these cases body correction is needed which is done professionally on a Celette pulling bench with the correct original tools, specialized also for Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagode, Mercedes-Benz W111 Coupé and Cabriolet. This process is also offered as a stand-alone service.


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Mercedes. W113 280SL Pagode

Mercedes W111 280SE 3.5. Cabriolet & Coupé

Mercedes W136 170Da Special Vehicle/  Kastenwagen


BMW E30 M3

 Chassis and Body Correction

Mercedes W113 280SL Pagode

 Chassis and Body Correction